Sep 01

WordPress Plugins to Make Blogs More Fun

There are hundreds of thousands of WP blogs out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. When starting your own blog, however, one of the best pieces […]

Feb 14

How to remove or add Edit this link

So if you have ever logged into a WordPress admin and viewed the site while logged in I am sure you have seen the Edit this link at some point. […]

Feb 13

How to place shortcode in template pages.

Most plugins and themes these days are using shortcodes which are great and save time. Sometimes you want to place this shortcode somewhere else in the theme though and not […]

Jan 24

Link Post Thumbnail and Title to Category Page

So I was trying to figure out a way to link the post thumbnails and excerpt title from my home page widgets to go directly to the category pages. If […]

Aug 20
USPS Settings in WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce: Looping Checkout Page with UPS or USPS Shipping

I recently had one of my clients websites run into a rather interesting issue. The client is running a WordPress based e-commerce site using the WP e-Commerce plugin to run […]

Aug 18

How to link to WordPress images folder in theme

The following line is the full URL to you images folder and how you would add it in the template. This sometimes is just to much to type or almost […]

Aug 07

WordPress site showing weird characters after migration

Sometimes when moving your WordPress site over to new hosting you can get into some troubles. One of them being a lot of strange special characters in the site. If […]