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Visual Composer not working with WordPress 4.5

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The latest version of WordPress 4.5 was released and it has caused some problems with the WordPress plugin Visual Composer

When trying to login to WordPress admin the login page just keeps refreshing

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If you work with WordPress a lot I am sure at one point you may have run into this issue. I am going to give you some solutions from my experience. Change plugin folder name :…

WordPress Admin panel Glitching in Chrome but not other browsers

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Recently there was a new google chrome update. With the update everything seemed normal but then I noticed all the admin panels in my WordPress dashboards we glitching out. Then menu style breaks and seems…

Should you use Fiverr?

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A couple weeks ago I started hearing about Fiverr from clients and didn’t think anything of it. It was until about 3 days ago that I actually tried the site out myself and decided to…

WordPress Plugins to Make Blogs More Fun

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There are hundreds of thousands of WP blogs out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. When starting your own blog, however, one of the best pieces of advice you will ever…

How to remove or add Edit this link

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So if you have ever logged into a WordPress admin and viewed the site while logged in I am sure you have seen the Edit this link at some point. Some themes have them and…

How to place shortcode in template pages.

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Most plugins and themes these days are using shortcodes which are great and save time. Sometimes you want to place this shortcode somewhere else in the theme though and not just in the admin content….