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Should you use Fiverr?

By August 29, 2015 Reviews No Comments

fiverrA couple weeks ago I started hearing about Fiverr from clients and didn’t think anything of it. It was until about 3 days ago that I actually tried the site out myself and decided to write a review of my experience.

Overall the site seemed like a great idea. A cheap and fast way to outsource so many different gigs. I posted a gig my self for fixing WordPress errors and also hired a couple people to try and design a logo for me.

How the site works is you either post a gig as a seller or pay a seller for services. The site uses debit/credit cards, PayPal and even BitCoin. You can then send messages back and forth and come up with a deal that you both accept.

The problems I ran into were that most of the designers would just google for images and then send me the first one they could find with minor or no changes at all done. All I did was a simple google reverse image search and I found each logo that was sent to me or at least the icon/mascot. I understand the site uses a lot of stock photos and icons but I really don’t think people should be buying logos that are already trademarked images so please people keep in mind to search your image.

Other services like writing, video and sound seem to go smoothly and less trouble with infringement. Also although I did have to request a refund three times all three of the designers sent the refund back. Even though it wastes time it is good to know the site is safe and people still respect your opinion.

I wish you luck on your Fiverr experience and just remember to do your homework especially is you are going to use your purchase for branding or print work.

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